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Allowing its use in a more efficient way of energy and natural resources, space necessary measures to prevent harm to the environment of waste, to create a more livable environment and aims to increase the sensitivity of the issue, Altınel Energy as an organization, to reach nature as used and waste from the product design, product design, investment in machinery, waste management, social responsibility, has taken into account at every stage of the product, the product is environmentally friendly, including transportation services. To provide benefits to society, the investments made in order to produce environmentally friendly products, the commissioning of projects in production and development of new machines, reducing packaging waste and waste, efficient use of energy sources. In product packaging materials and natural resource consumption with the improvement in boxing and the amount of waste put on the market is reduced. Heating plant in order to fuels containing low CO2 (gas) is used. Company vehicles used are reduced greenhouse gas emissions by changing to diesel vehicles. The implementation of the waste of resources and waste management, we support and the prevention of environmental pollution by reducing the gain to the economy.


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Altinel Energy || Wind Turbine - Wind Rose Turbines Production by istabreeze