why istabreeze


Our Quality Policy

Altınel Enerji Dış Tic. Ltd. Sti. adopting total quality understanding with experienced and professional staff;


• Always keep customer demands and satisfaction on the front,

• Providing quality products and services,

• By following technological developments,

• To provide timely and perfect service,

• With its openness to change and development, it has always adopted and aimed to be among the forerunners of the industry.


Environment, Occupational Health and Safety

The most basic part of our core strategies is; to produce our products in a healthy and safe working environment, to use natural resources wisely and to continuously improve our environmental protection performance.


From this basic point, all our desires and commitments are to continually improve the basic causes of our business accidents and possible adverse environmental effects, the behaviors and conditions that cause them.


We have adopted the following principles in order to achieve these goals in all our production processes in our factory:


• To remove or minimize the adverse effects of the activities on the environment and human health, in accordance with all laws, regulations, customer expectations and other provisions accepted by our company, in accordance with the principle of continuous development, concerning worker health and work safety and protection of the environment.
• In order to create an accident-free and clean working environment for everyone we work with; identifying our risks and environmental impacts and reducing them to an acceptable level.
• Reduce material, energy and water consumption by reducing waste, ensuring recovery to contribute to the conservation of natural resources, and following appropriate procedures.
• Using the best possible technology for safe and environmentally friendly production.
• Ensure that all employees are aware of environmental and safety responsibilities and fulfill their obligations as part of their contracts.
• To cooperate with customers, legal bodies and society on these principles, to inform all our material and service suppliers about our policy needs and to help them improve themselves.



“For a livable future”


• We help our stakeholders and the community develop sustainability,

• We will use natural resources effectively and increase our environmental awareness,

• We have high financial performance,

• We will do all of this in the framework of ethical rules