iSTA Breeze 48V 1000W + Solar PV Hybrid Charge Controller



  • 24V 1000W +Solar pv Hybrid Charge Controller
  • 48V 1KW CONT 1
  • 24V 1000W +Solar pv Hybrid Charge Controller
  • 48V 1KW CONT 1

Product Description: 


The Wind / Solar Hybrid Charge Controller from IstaBreeze® is an intelligent controller of the wind turbine and solar cells that controls you at the same time. The high-end device thus controls your island system. It is used to safely and efficiently charge and control your battery with the Wind Generator / Solar Module combination.

With its discreet appearance, simple operation, with integrated protection functions, this device has high efficiency and low no-load losses. This version of the controller will significantly increase the life and stability of the whole system, especially the batteries.

The special features and product information are listed below:

Use of solid state components. Increasing the life of the controller.
Microprocessor controlled charge with integrated voltage and current limiting.
Electromagnetic brake control, the generator is automatically braked gently when the battery is full, modern braking system in three steps to avoid immediate blockage of the turbine. Increasing the life of the stator.
Protection against overcharging, deep discharge, short circuit, overload and against incorrect reverse polarity.
USB port with the possibility of an external display.



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Battery Voltage Minimum
Charging Voltage.
Recomended Battery
Gel batteries
Nominal Battery Voltage
48 Vdc
Max. Input Power of wind tirbune
Max. Input Power of PV Module
Braking Function.
From 59.4V
Fan Drive from
Operating Temperature
Normal: 20~+55°C/35~85%RH / Industrial: 30~+55°C/35~85%RH
Temperature Compensation
-4mV°C/2V, -35°C- / +80°C, Tolerance: ±1°C
150x170x70 mm
1,3 Kg